About IAM (Iowa Methodists United in Love)

IAM (Iowa Methodists United in Love) was conceived when three of our team were at a bar the last night of GC2019 thinking about how we could respond to the injustices we had just witnessed. As people have taken the initiative to take action, we’ve invited them into this coalition.


Our primary goals are as follows:

  1. To counteract the harm of the Traditionalist Plan using all means available.
  2. To openly work for collective justice in Iowa with integrity, including the full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons.
  3. To center the voices of the marginalized, the ones being most hurt current UMC practices and policies. Including, but not limited to, People of Color, Transgender People, and Queer People in the reclaimed, fullness, and liberated sense of the word (PoC+Q+T for short).


Strategy Team

Amy Johnson
Anna Blaedel
Brian Williams
Chad Jennings
Erica L Shannon Stueve
Gabrielle Ferguson
H. Alejandro Alfaro Santiz
Irene DeMaris
Jen Hibben
Jim Shirbroun
Jonathan Heifner
Katie Z. Dawson
LaTonya P. Calderon
Lauren Wise Loonsfoot
Leigh Brown
Lindsay Thompson Drake
M Barclay
Melanie Greengo
Nate Nims
Ryan Russell
Sarah Rohret
Sean McRoberts
Tyler Schwaller
William Ranney